Watch The Incredible Winning Run Of The First American Ninja Warrior Champion

American Ninja Warrior debuted in 2009, but for years no one has managed to ever actually win the contest. Finally in September of 2015, during the show’s 7th season, a winner was finally crowned. Isaac Caldiero won national fame and a $1,000,000 prize by finishing the final challenge in 26.14 seconds. You can watch his incredible winning run above.

Caldiero won, but it was a narrow victory. For the first time ever two people managed to finish the course. Geoff Britten also completed the final stage, however, he finished with only 00:00.35 remaining on the clock, so Britten was awarded the prize money. They’re both winners in our book, but ultimately there can be only one American Ninja Warrior (this season). Congratulations Isaac Caldiero. We salute you.


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