WATCH: These Russian Traffic Vigilantes Got More Than They Bargained For With THIS Driver!

These guys are referred to as Russian traffic vigilantes but they also go by StopHam or Stop a Douchebag.

So you know what they are about to do is going to be interesting and likely rewarding to watch as no doubt many of us have experienced the classic douchebag driver who think they own the road. The founder of the group, Dmitriy Chugunov was so committed to calling out these drivers, that he goes as far as putting himself and his group in danger to get their point across. These are hardcore vigilantes as they confront these drivers and do not hold back! Some say these guys go way too far, yet others say they are totally right on in their approach.

In their latest action, they are calling out douchebag drivers who are actually using a blind person pathway to get in front of traffic. If the driver refuses to back up, they get stickered with a huge placard on their windshield! You can see where this is going as no doubt there will be someone who is going to get pissed off big time about this as all hell has the potential to break loose. Check this out!


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