Why Trump is campaigning in blue states

Washington (CNN) Why is Donald Trump campaigning in New York? Where will we see daughter Ivanka next? And why is Mike Pence going against the top of his ticket?

Those stories and more are all part of today’s “Inside Politics” forecast.

    1) Can Trump change the electoral map?

    Election Day is 100 days from Sunday, and so the candidates are getting more serious about where they spend their time and money.




      Clinton’s key to courting the union vote


    Labor is always an important constituency for Democrats, but all the more so this year because of Donald Trump’s electoral strategy. Trump is targeting the Rust Belt, and union leaders from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan have been warning the Clinton campaign that Trump has broad appeal among their members.
    In 2012 President Obama won 58% of votes from members of union households to 40% for Mitt Romney, according to exit polls. The Clinton campaign hopes to nudge that number up a bit, and is being urged by labor leaders to adopt an aggressive surrogate program.
    In conversations throughout the week in Philadelphia, a constant observation from labor leaders was that good surrogates can help shape political conversations at the workplace, at the neighborhood bar or around the kitchen table.

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