Woman notices a Chinese food delivery car pick up a dead deer, follows it and cant believe what

What happens when you see some roadkill on the road, and then notice a Chinese food restaurant vehicle suddenly swoop right in and load up the carcass in their trunk. Youre probably thinking to yourself, no…no way.

Well, if you are like this curious woman, you are going to follow the vehicle and just reassure yourself that they are indeed going to properly dispose of the animal, and they are most certainly NOT going to back the vehicle up to their restaurant and unload the carcass into their kitchen. So when the unthinkable does occur, as it did in Concord, North Carolina with this poor woman who was simply hoping that people like this did not exist in the world, then what do you do? She actually says she witnessed the dead animal being brought to the back of the restaurant, and that’s when she proceeded to call police.

Indeed, upon arrival, the Cabarrus County Health Department witnessed the parking lot carving up of the animal, while various parts were actually brought inside to the kitchen area.

We went there and found, indeed, they had slaughtered a deer, or were cutting up a dead deer in the back of the parking lot and had already brought parts inside, into the sink, County Health Director William Pilkington said.

The restaurant, China Fun, was visited by a news anchor on Tuesday.

Heres how the conversation went down:

Were you guys going to serve that deer to customers? the anchor asked.

A woman at the front counter said, No, why are you recording anyway?

The news anchor then asked, Why did your workers bring roadkill here to the restaurant?

The woman at the front counter responded, I have no idea what youre talking about.

So the woman claims she knew nothing of the dead deer situation.

Since the carcass wasnt cut inside the restaurant, no cross contamination could occur and apparently that is why the restaurant was allowed to remain open and couldn’t be shut down by the health department.

The initial women who followed the car stated what most people are feeling about this disgusting situation:

Everyone is really upset about this, and I feel like it should be shut down, she said.

So far the manager of the restaurant still remains not available while health inspectors will continue to visit China Fun for several more days.


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