YES!!! Ireland Bans Discrimination Against Gay Teachers In Religious Schools! Get The Deets On The Law The U.S. Should Pass HERE!

AH-Mazing news!

Earlier this year, Ireland made history after becoming the first country in history to vote in favor of same-sex marriage!

Now, the country has made even more strides in the LGBT community by banning discrimination against gay teachers!

The Equality (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2013 — which will make it illegal for religious-based schools to discriminate against gay teachers — has already passed through the upper house of the government and will go to President Michael D. Higgins to be signed!

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The European Equality Directive was passed back in 2000, which also aimed to ban discrimination against sexual orientation.

But the Catholic church, which runs most schools in the country, received an exemption from that labor law.

But no more!

Irwin Gowran, the director of the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) welcomed this historic victory, saying:

“We are delighted that this Bill has passed all stages in the [lower house] tonight. This Bill is the key piece of the legislative map that will allow LGBT people to be themselves, get married and have a family without a threat to their job if they work in a religious run institution.”

But Gowran pointed out there is still work to be done, explaining that “further progress remains to be made for privately funded religious-run institutions, for trans people and for those of no religion.”

We’re so happy for Ireland making fantastic strides and becoming a world leader of this progressive legislation!

Hopefully, the United States will follow the country’s lead!

[Image via Aodhn Rordin TD/Twitter.]


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