Young Britons May Be Eligible For German Citizenship Following Brexit

After a large percentage of young voters voted to remain in Europethe German vice chancellor wants to give young British citizens a viable option – German citizenship.

Admittedly, mostly for young Britons already living in Germany – but that doesn’t rule out the rest of the young Brits if they decided to trundle off to Germany.

According to The Guardian, Sigmar Gabriel, German vice chancellor and economy minister, promised to bring up the issue during the countrys elections next year. He put it down to a significant margin of Britsbetween the ages of 18-24 voting to remain within the EU.

Speaking at a Social Democratic party meeting in Berlin at the weekend, Gabriel said:

Lets offer it to the young Britons living in Germany, Italy or France so that they can remain EU citizens.

As it currently stands, dual citizenship in Germany cannot be given to non-EU residents.

Its a good sign that the youth of Great Britain are more clever than their bizarre political elite. For that reason, we cant raise our drawbridge on them. We have to think now about what we can offer Great Britains younger generation.

Representatives from the country’s Green party have also recently discussed ways for British citizens currently living in Germany to obtain German passports.

Welt am Sonntag, a local publication, reported that, already, quite a number of Brits were in the process of applying for citizenship.

This isn’t an isolated occurrence, since the recent EU referendum resultsthere has also been ahuge surge in applications for Irish passports among eligible British citizens.


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