Zika found in common house mosquitoes in Brazil

(CNN)Researchers in Brazil announced Thursday the “presence of the Zika virus” in Culex mosquitoes (the common house mosquito) in the eastern city of Recife. The findings were released with a word of caution: “The obtained data will require additional studies in order to assess the potential participation of Culex in the spread of Zika and its role in the epidemic.”


Velayudhan said the same mosquito-control measures used against Aedes mosquitoes work against Culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes, the species identified in this study.
A U.S. study published this week in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases found that a different type of Culex mosquito,Culex pipiens, was not capable of transmitting the Zika virus, leading researchers to conclude that transmission in the U.S. from these mosquitoes is unlikely.

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The virus has been spreading across the Americas since last year. The World Health Organization declared a public health emergency of international concern in February. Since then, researchers have found the virus can cause a devastating birth defect, called microcephaly, in babies born to women who were infected with the virus during pregnancy.

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