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Abdominal crunches are a classic exercise to target the abdominal muscles. Begin by holding hands shoulder-width apart and raising one arm off the floor. Next, raise the opposite arm out before you, keeping both your body and arm straight. Repeat the exercise 10 times and then switch arms and legs. Alternate your arms and legs to make the exercise more manageable. Tend to the position for 10 seconds, then move on.

Best Abs Exercises That Don’t Hurt Your Back

Lie On The Floor With Your Knees Bent 

A safer alternative to the leg raises the knee to chest movement. Lying on the floor with your knees bent, raise one knee toward your chest while keeping the other leg planted firmly on the floor. Hold the position for about 30 seconds. Keep your lower back flat against the floor, and don’t lift your shoulders. Then, repeat with the other leg. This exercise is one of the safest abs exercises for the lower back.



Another good exercise for your abs is the plank. It is a great full-body workout that requires a strong core. Be sure to hold your core rigid while doing this exercise. Stop and repeat the exercise once you feel the abdomen dropping toward the floor. If you are doing it properly, you should also be able to perform the exercise with the aid of a mirror to avoid any strain on your back.



Squatting is another excellent exercise for building strong core muscles. Squats are difficult because they require a rigid core. When you reach the bottom of the squat, the abdominals should drop toward the floor. You should hold the position for six to eight repetitions. You can also hold the same position with a straight leg. You can perform this exercise multiple times until you can no longer keep it the same way.

Abs Exercises That Don’t Hurt Your Back

Abs Exercises That Don’t Hurt Your Back


The squatting exercise is an excellent choice for people who want to work out their core muscles without causing back pain. Unlike other abs exercises, this one will not cause back pain when performed correctly. If you have a weak core, you may have difficulty performing these exercises correctly. You should look for activities that train your entire core to avoid this. It will help you get the shape you want.


The squat is a good choice for the upper abs. It will also help you tone your lower abs. Ensure you maintain a straight spine while performing the exercise. You should avoid exercising your back while doing the squat if you have back pain. It could result in back pain. It would be best if you avoided over-exerting your back. If you do this correctly, you won’t have to worry about the pain.


Squatting exercise is a good option if you want to strengthen your abdominals and protect your spine. It would be best if you always had an angled spine when doing the squat. If your back is weak, you will be forced to compensate for the weak abs. The dead bug exercise will not cause any pain when performed correctly. It will make your abs stronger and will protect your spine.


Make Sure That You Don’t Have Any Back Injuries Before Working Out 

Before starting an abs exercise, make sure your lower back is stable, and you don’t have problems with your lower back. You should also be aware of any other pain affecting your back. It is essential to seek medical advice if you think you have a strained lower back. It is also crucial to consult with a personal trainer or a gym instructor. When doing abdominal crunches, always remember that it is not safe for your lower back.


It’s Essential to Look For An Exercise That Doesn’t Hurt Your Lower Back 

Performing abs exercises can be tricky, but don’t worry – there are several exercises you can do that will help you build a lean, firm core. The key is to find a set of abs exercises that don’t hurt your lower back. These moves will not cause any problems with your lower back, so they will help you get a flat belly and strengthen your core.