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If you’re worried about having a yellow undertone, you might want to consider red hair. This shade has a warm and earthy undertone to enhance your facial features. While this color is a bit too vibrant for those with pale or very fair skin, it’s an excellent option for those with medium or dusky skin. In addition to red hair, brown hair also works well with a yellow undertone.


First, Know Your Skin Tone 

To choose a good hair color for yellow undertones, you need to know your skin tone. If you have a cool skin tone, you should go for a warm one. On the other hand, you should go for a cool shade if you have a warm skin tone. It will look flattering on your face, whereas a cool shade will make you look washed out and ashy.


What Hair Colors Are Perfect for People With Warm Skin Tones?

Several hair colors for yellow undertones look good on fair skin. Darker shades are best for people with warm skin. For dark skin, you should choose an ashy blonde. A tanner shade will look better on you. You can also try caramel blonde for a darker skin tone. If you have a deep skin tone, it is better to stick to a more excellent shade of blonde.


Warm Tones 

A cool or warm tone will work best for you when it comes to hair colors for yellow undertones. While a warm tone is universally flattering, a cool brown will highlight your features and make your yellow undertones look creamier. Colorist Daniel Sanchez recommends a deep mocha brown lightened from black to a light ash blonde for a soft look. If you have fair skin and hazel or blue eyes, a cool blonde is perfect for you.


A Blonde Hair Would Be Perfect If You Have Cool Undertones 

When selecting a hair color, keep in mind your skin tone. Those with warm undertones should stick to brown or red-orange hair, while those with cool undertones should choose a cool shade of blonde. The right color will complement your skin tone and enhance your natural features. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with your complexion. You’ll be glad you did.

Hair Colors For Yellow Undertones

Hair Colors For Yellow Undertones


Your Hair Color Should Complement Your Skin Tone and Facial Features 

When choosing a hair color, make sure to consider your undertone. If your skin tone is warm, try selecting a cool blonde. It will help your skin look more even-toned and balance out your skin’s overall tone. If you have neutral skin, you can wear any shade of blonde. A cooler shade of blonde will look great on people with olive or fair skin. However, if your skin tone is warm, it’s best to stick with a blond or a copper-colored color.



Brown is a versatile shade that looks great on almost anyone. A dark brown will balance out a red-orange-orange undertone. A warm shade of brown will look out of place and make your skin appear waxy and washed out. The coolest color for a person with yellow undertones is brown. A blonde with this undertone will look pale and unflattering; this color should complement the skin’s natural undertone.


Warm Blonde Tone

If your skin is warm, you should choose a warm blonde tone. It will be the most flattering shade for someone with warm undertones. If your skin is cool, you should select a shade of orange or purple. You should choose a color that is opposite to your skin tone. The most popular shades are those that are neutral and slightly yellow. It means that they will make your hair appear ashy and sallow.


Warm vs Cool Undertone 

There are two types of undertones: warm and cool. For warm undertones, it’s best to stick with shades that will compliment your skin tone. A shade that has cool undertones will make your skin look unflattering. The right color can transform your complexion and make you look gorgeous. You can use the following colors on women with yellow undertones. The cool tones can be accentuated by using bright colors or pastels.