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A recent study from Pennsylvania State University found that planks are very effective at building core strength. These exercises can be as effective as some of the best abs exercises in the world. The muscles of the abdomen work harder than ever during planks. It is good news for those looking to increase their core strength.

But Can You Get Abs From Planks?

Here’s a closer look:

A plank exercise is excellent for your abs and other core muscles. However, it’s essential to do it correctly and with the proper form. When performed incorrectly, planks can cause back pain and compress vertebrae. So, you’ll need to start slow and avoid sagging. But don’t be fooled by the popularity of the plank. It’s an excellent way to strengthen your core.


While planks are great for abs, they aren’t the only exercises that can benefit the core. For instance, the best planks effectively work the abdominals and the entire core. However, if performed correctly, they’re an excellent choice for anyone looking to build up their abs. If you are unsure of the benefits of planks, try a few variations.


The main benefit of planks is that they target the strained muscles in the core. It is good because these muscles are responsible for maintaining an upright posture and ensuring that your spine aligned correctly. As such, they’re very effective for developing abs. Aside from being an effective abs workout, planks also improve your core stability, and they’re much safer than crunches.


The Best Thing About Planks Is That You Don’t Need Any Special Equipment to Do Them

One great thing about planks is that you don’t need equipment to perform the exercise. You can use any sturdy surface, such as a mat, to do it properly. If you have a non-slip mat, you can place it there. Then, lie on the floor with your arms at your sides and bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Your goal is to maintain this position for two minutes.


It Is The Perfect Exercise For Abs 

The plank exercise is an excellent way to start a workout for your abs. It’s a perfect way to warm up for the rest of your activity. It also works the other muscles in your body, including your core. The best time to do this exercise is before lifting heavyweights. Ideally, you should hold the position for 30-60 seconds. While longer holds will build more muscle mass, it doesn’t necessarily make it more effective.

Can You Get Abs From Planks

Can You Get Abs From Planks


Planks are an excellent exercise for abs. They are a perfect way to warm up for other abs exercises, and you can practice them every day in the privacy of your home. They are also a great way to strengthen your entire core. If you’re new to exercise, do a few reps of planks in your first week to see results. This exercise will help you get a flat stomach in just a few weeks.


Perform Planks Correctly

Another great way to build abs is to perform planks correctly. You need to maintain your posture to get a flat stomach. The plank can be done at home by doing three or more repetitions per day. It’s an effective exercise that’ll help you get lean and toned abs in a short period. This exercise will also help you build your strength and toned core when performed correctly.


However, It Can Also Cause Back Injuries

Planks can effectively build up your core, but they can also cause injuries in the lower back. Incorrect planks can cause compressed vertebrae, leading to pain and pressure in the back. If you’re doing it wrong, planks can damage the muscle groups in your core. If you perform these exercises correctly, they can build your core and strengthen your abdominals. And you’ll get a flatter stomach in just a few weeks.



There are some serious risks associated with planks. They can cause back pain, compress vertebrae, and pressure the spine. To avoid these risks, start your planks with short, controlled movements. Eventually, you can work your way up to longer planks. But don’t forget to follow the recommended form of plank for abs to prevent injuries. You can do the same routine with heavier weights and have a more sculpted and firmer body in no time.