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High School Art Project? Here are Some Fun and Creative Ideas for Clay Sculpture


If you’re looking for clay sculpture ideas for high school, here are some examples of some of the projects you can set up for students. First, students should create a base. It will ensure that the finished piece is sturdy and durable. They can also use a wet cabinet for their sculptures, and if there’s no damp cabinet, they can use plastic bags to keep them moist. Once the base has been created, students should roll the clay into a ball.


Next, students will create a bust. Each student is given a 16-inch square of clay, and they must use their fingers to compose a figure from all angles. They must remove the excess clay from their bust and then carve out the nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. Finally, they must fire the sculptures to harden their pieces. A figure is an excellent project for a high school art class.


Once students have rolled the clay, they should cut a pattern out of it.

Make sure the design is small enough to fit inside and cut out a hole in the center. After the character is complete, students should let it dry completely. If the pieces are large, they should fire them before using them. Afterward, the students can add texture to their sculptures by scoring or slipping the clay. They must understand the proper techniques for connecting the different pieces of the piece.


For this project, students will have to roll slabs of clay, which they will then shape. Once this is complete, the students should roll the clay pieces into tubes, which will become their toros. They can then use their fingers to carve the foot and ankles. The torso can be the same length as the legs, and the head will make up the remainder of the torso. Once this is complete, the students can begin carving the motif.


Creating a clay tube is a great way to give students creative control over their creations. Alternatively, students can use a Pringles can, which has a handle in the middle. By calculating how the toros fit, students can carve the rest of the model. Once the toros are complete, students can make their toros as beautiful as they want. Similarly, they can use torn Pringles to create a human or animal effigy.

clay sculpture ideas for high school

Hands of a man enjoying pottery

Students can create a torso for the head by sculpting a face in the clay. The design should tell a story, and the body should be shaped like the head of a torso. If the character is a cartoon, use bright colors and patterns to add a storybook feel. In addition to the basic design, students should consider the thickness of the clay. It might require a long drying time if the character is too thick.


Another clay sculpture idea for high school is to create a figure.

In this case, students will make a tube out of clay that is the thumb’s width. Then, they should wrap it in a newspaper, tucking in the ends. They should then fold the tube in half, making the legs and feet. The toros should be half the length of the figure. The head should be made from the same color as the other figure parts.


Students should think of the character’s pose and the story when sculpting a figure. A figure should be able to stand without support. It should be possible by scoring and slipping the clay, and the student should have no trouble figuring out how to connect the different parts of the figure. It’s also necessary to consider how the character’s size will affect the overall size. While they are working on the sculpture, the student should also think about the color scheme and look.


To make a figure, students will roll a slab of clay and shape it into a tube. Ensure that the clay is rolled into a box without any air pockets inside and that the coil is wrapped tightly to avoid hidden air pockets. If the student has a pattern already created, they can stamp or roll it on the soft clay. They can use their imagination to make their characters look as realistic as possible.