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The Best Educational Toys for Babies Under 12 Months


The best educational toys for babies under 12 months are multi-purpose. A cute beaded maze with sea creatures or a six-sided box with puzzle games can help your baby learn colors and shapes. These are great educational toys to keep your child occupied for hours. Here are a few of our favorite toys for a baby under 12 months. You may be surprised at what they can do! Just check out the links below to discover more about some of our favorite toys.



First-time puzzles for babies are great to start. Try a wooden puzzle with large knobs and only three pieces. Shape sorter toys are also excellent toy options. Books are a great source of educational activities for babies under 12 months. Look for cloth and board books with thick pages. Babies like to put books in their mouths, so thick pages are easier to turn. Stuffed animals are a popular choice with many kids. Invest in a few interactive plush toys that encourage your baby to learn.


Bouncy Ball

A bouncy ball is an excellent gift for a baby under 12 months. This toy encourages midline play and hand-eye coordination. Your baby will be encouraged to crawl when they can roll it around independently. These toys also feature animal buttons that will press your child to point to them when they move them around. Your child will love this toy for months and years. However, it is essential to remember that there is no substitute for parent and professional supervision.


Your baby can learn skills with many toys. Toys can help your baby develop motor skills, increase cognitive abilities, and stimulate their imagination. Toys can help a toddler develop critical cognitive skills and emergent literacy skills. It will be helpful in the years ahead as your child grows and begins to understand the concepts of cause and effect. Therefore, an excellent educational toy will stimulate this important skill development. It is recommended that parents use a combination of toys to provide the most enjoyable experiences for their babies.


Wooden Activity Cube

Another toy for babies under 12 months is a wooden activity cube. A wooden activity cube is excellent for stimulating children’s imagination. And if you want to encourage your child’s creativity, you can purchase an educational toy for them that encourages creative play. You can also buy educational books and music for your child. These will be a good choice for your baby. It also promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for your baby.

Little boy playing mathematics wooden toy at nursery

Little boy playing mathematics wooden toy at nursery

Besides educational toys for babies under 12 months, you can also give your baby an infant-sized bouncy ball. The bouncy ball encourages play and learning while helping your baby develop his small motor skills. As your child grows, they will develop their hand-eye coordination and learn about the alphabet and numbers. They will love the bouncy ball. This toy can be used beyond the first year of life and help your child learn to walk.


Bouncy Bug

Another fun toy for babies is a bouncy bug. These toys are great for crawling babies. They feature 20 developmental activities, including a light-up piano and a swirl slide. Various textures and colors help your baby develop dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and more. Several of these toys are reusable. You can also wash them. Depending on your baby’s age, they can be used differently.


Toys for babies under 12 months should include things that help them develop their cognitive and small motor skills. A good toy for babies teaches a child to speak and read. A musical toy will improve hand-eye coordination and boost your baby’s language and literacy skills. A collapsible tunnel is also an excellent choice for crawling babies. This toy has a mesh side that prevents them from getting hurt.


A bouncy ball encourages midline play and develops hand-eye coordination. It also promotes tummy time and crawling. Its high-contrast illustrations and animal buttons will encourage your baby to learn. These toys will grow with your child and be a great addition to their nursery. They are perfect for your baby toy collection. And they can last for many years! The suitable toys can help your child develop skills and enhance their sense of independence.

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