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Choosing the type of liquor for wedding reception is an important decision. Some venues don’t even have the proper liquor licenses to serve hard alcohol, so you’ll need to stick to “soft” liquors like wine and beer. It is a simple, inexpensive solution that doesn’t have the drawback of allowing drunken guests to have an ill time. Also, limiting the types of alcohol will make serving the guests much easier.


First, Determine How Much Alcohol Your Guests Will Consume.

First, figure out how much alcohol your guests will be drinking. You’ll want to buy enough so that everyone leaves feeling satisfied and not stuffed. You can also use a general guide to determine the number of bottles of liquor needed. You may want to purchase a little more than you need to round up the drinks when needed. While many liquor stores will give you the option to return open bottles of wine, make sure to check with the liquor store in advance.


Determine the Total Number of Guests 

Second, figure out the number of guests. When ordering liquor, it’s helpful to know how many guests are expected to drink. It is helpful if you’ve got many guests and are worried there won’t be enough. You should also determine the number of drinks for the reception, which will help you determine the amount of alcohol you need. You’ll probably need a lot of wine and champagne, but you shouldn’t have to go overboard.


The type of liquor for the wedding reception depends on how many guests will attend the event. You can choose the house brand, typically the least expensive brand, and the call brand, which is the brand you want to serve. Both of these options will be suitable for your guests, but you should check the store’s policies first. If the venue doesn’t offer either of these options, you can serve wine and beer.


It’s Important to Consider How Many Drinks Will Be Served Each Guest

When choosing what type of liquor to serve, you should decide how many drinks to serve each guest. You can use the liquor house brand, but you can also go with a name brand. It is usually a higher-quality brand than house brands. You can also use a general guide to the quantities of liquor required for a wedding. Then, round up the bottles and buy more than you need.

type of liquor for wedding reception

Consider What Type of Alcohol Will Be Served 

When buying liquor for your wedding reception, keep in mind the type of alcohol served. There are two main liquor categories, house brand, and call brand. The house brand is the cheaper of the two. While the house brand is generally more affordable, the call brand is of higher quality. If you want to serve a premium brand, you can also get a higher-quality liquor. However, it’s important to remember that the price difference is not the same as the quality of the drink.


When planning your wedding, you should consider the type of liquor that will be served. The kinds of liquor should be easy to drink, as alcohol is the basis for any celebration. When you decide on the type of liquor, you must also consider the number of guests at the reception. Moreover, it would be best to consider whether the guests will be drinking a large or small amount of alcohol during the wedding. A wedding should have a substantial variety of distilled spirits.


It Depends On Your Budget 

The type of liquor for the wedding reception is an important decision. It would be best to think about the number of guests and how many drinks you’d like to serve. You should also consider the budget that you have for the wedding. You should avoid having alcohol cost more than you can afford to pay. If you have limited funds, it’s advisable to purchase what you need. If you want to include wine, you’ll need to have a separate bar.



When it comes to the type of liquor for the wedding reception, beer and wine are the two complementary pieces. Most bar services offer both kinds of liquor. Domestic and imported beer will be available. While red wine is a more expensive option, it is the most popular choice for weddings. If you want to have a wide variety of wines and spirits, you can choose a tiered system. There are no specific rules for selecting the type of liquor, but you can consult a local expert for more information.