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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About How To Get Rid Of Butt Hair

If you’ve ever wondered, “Is it normal to have hair on your butt?” just remember, about 30% of the body’s surface is covered in hair in women while 90% is covered in men. So having hair in not-so-desirable places in the body is entirely normal!


We’re not just giving you one best way to remove butt hair but two common ways to get rid of hair on your bum cheeks: shaving and depilatory cream. Both methods will leave you with a shaved area that’s itchier than it’s worth. Although shaving and depilatory creams are effective, they’re not the best solutions for bum hair removal. First, you should avoid the space between your cheeks. The skin between them is thin and will itch like crazy.


While the latter is the preferred method, many women find it uncomfortable to have their buttocks examined by a dermatologist, resulting in embarrassing situations. Moreover, it’s also essential to remember that laser treatments are more effective and safer. Using an IPL device to remove the hair from your bum is an easy and fast way to achieve a smooth, hair-free body. This procedure sends broadband pulses of light to the affected area, which heats the surrounding skin and destroys the hair follicles. New hairs will not grow after an IPL treatment, and the process is permanent.


How To Get Rid Of Hair On Bum Cheeks?

A regular trimmer is not the best option for removing hair from your bum cheeks. The trimmer blades are too large for the area, and you may end up with nicks and cuts. If you want to avoid these complications, you should use a more advanced shaving device. A detailing attachment is ideal for the job. Try a Nair hair removal cream if you’re looking for a more efficient way to remove hair from your bum.


When removing hair from the perianal area, the first thing you should remember is that the site is sensitive. The hair can quickly become ingrown, so sanitize the razor blade with surgical spirit before you begin. If you’re removing hair from your bum cheeks, you may experience an itchy or burning sensation when wiping it off. It is an excruciating and potentially dangerous procedure, so you need to be extra careful.


The Surprising Truth About Getting Rid of Hair on Your Bum Cheeks

Once you’ve got the hair on your bum cheeks, you’ll need to use a handheld mirror to ensure a clean shave. The best way to see these areas is to squat and look at a mirror that’s at least 11″ across. Then, you’ll need a mirror to reach the hair between your cheeks. If you cannot use a handheld mirror, you’ll need a larger one to get a close look.


Another solution to bum hair is to use wax strips. These are the best way to remove the hair from your bum cheeks because they are safe and effective. However, they’re costly and require many sessions to remove the hair altogether. When you use these wax strips, make sure you clean the area thoroughly and avoid getting razor burn. If you’re afraid of the discomfort of the wax, you can also use a post-wax cleaning wipe.


If you’re afraid of the side effects of waxing or lasering, you can go for laser hair removal. This treatment works well on hair dark in color and prone to regrowth. Typically, the procedure is safe and effective, and it doesn’t cost much. Once you’ve had five or six sessions, the intervals will be moved to eight weeks. If you’re not satisfied with your results, you can try other methods.


After removing the hair, you need to moisturize the area with a special cream. If your skin is susceptible, you should use a hypoallergenic cream to avoid irritation. This method has a higher chance of causing ingrown hairs and irritation. When using a hair removal cream, you should wear gloves to protect the skin from the chemicals. If your skin is sensitive, you should test it on a small patch of the skin before proceeding.


If you are uncomfortable with a close shave, you can use a depilatory cream. This product will not leave behind a residue and is generally not harmful. But it would help if you washed the area thoroughly afterward. It will feel a bit itchy, so it’s best to avoid waxing on bum cheeks. These methods will also leave you with a hairless butt.


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