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If you are thinking about how to make your room Look Bigger you should first ask yourself How to Hang Curtains to Make Room Look Bigger? The first way to make your room appear larger is to hang your curtains high.

The more open your room is, the wider the drapes should be. The perfect height is around 4 inches above the window frame. If you have no ceiling molding, you should hang them at least 6 inches. Also, remember that vertical stripes are best, and you can use them to elongate your window.


How to Hang Curtains to Make Room Look Bigger? Follow These Steps:


First, Find a Curtain Rod

For a small room, the first thing you should do is find a curtain rod. If you can’t find a curtain rod, you should purchase one that is a bit higher than the ceiling. By doing this, you can trick your eye into thinking the wall is higher than it is. In addition to this, the curtain will add width to the room. It will make your window look bigger, making it look more spacious.


Vertical Striped Curtains 

Aside from giving the illusion of space, you can make your room look bigger by using the correct type of curtain. For example, vertical striped curtains will appear sleek and light, while vertical plaid and open-weave curtains will appear more spacious. Choose colors that complement your walls and don’t make the room look dark. Choose a lighter shade of gray or cream for a more relaxed feel.


To create the illusion of height, choose a pattern with vertical stripes. A vertical pattern will add height to your windows. In contrast, a horizontal pattern will create the illusion of width. The same principle applies to using plaids and open-weave curtains. However, if your walls are light, choose bold, eye-catching patterns that draw your eyes upward. In addition, the color of your drapes should match the color of the walls.


It’s Important to Choose the Right Colors 

When hanging curtains, choose the right color. You can choose to use a light-colored or dark-colored one. It will make your room look wider and brighter. Try to match the color of the wall with the curtains. This way, you will not look like you are crowding the space. A dark-colored curtain will make it appear smaller. If it is not possible, you can always hang a lighter-colored one over the window to make the room appear wider.


Choose Curtains With The Same Colors As The Walls

To make a room look larger, select curtains with the same color as the walls. For instance, if your walls are white, go with a softer color that complements your walls. If you have a yellow-colored room, choose a yellow or light green curtain. It will create the illusion of a bigger room. A darker color will give the room a closed appearance, while a light shade of blue will create the illusion of a larger space.


When hanging curtains, make sure that they match the wall color. It will make the room look bigger visually. Choosing the right color for the walls will help the curtains look larger. If you have a window that is not large, use light-colored curtains instead. They will make the room look longer and wider. In short, choosing the right color for your walls will help you make your room look larger and make it feel lighter.


If you want to make your room look bigger, you should use curtains that are the same color as the wall. It will make the entire room seem larger, and the curtains will also add height. But if you want to make your window look small, you should choose a colorful curtain instead of a dark one. Then, you will be sure to have a bigger room! You can even use a bright, bold color contrasting with your walls.


When selecting the correct type of curtain for your window, you should choose one that is a good match for the wall color. Selecting a curtain that matches the wall color will make the room look more spacious, making your windows look taller. Aside from picking a beautiful, colorful curtain, you should also choose the right color for your curtains. You’ll create the illusion of a larger window and a smaller room by doing this.

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