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Art 101: Creative Way to Highlight Hair Drawing


You may not know how to highlight hair if you’re a beginner. Depending on your drawing software, you can use different colors and textures to create realistic highlights. If you’re using a reference photo, try increasing the contrast in the image to make highlights more visible. Also, try to use various pencil grades – 8B is best for the darkest shadows, 6B for the midrange, and 4B for the lightest highlights. It will help you create a more dramatic contrast and look.


The style of highlights you choose for your drawing will depend on the medium and the subject you’re drawing. In anime and manga, the highlight is never a spotlight but rather an imaginary ring around the head, slightly higher than the rest. It helps create the illusion of a natural spotlight. By following these guidelines, you can create realistic-looking hair highlights. And if you want to draw realistic-looking highlights, try to focus on a few simple techniques that will make your highlights look more like real ones.


If you’re learning how to highlight hair drawing, you’ll need to remember that the hair is never really a spotlight. It’s a light band that appears around the head, slightly higher than the rest. It would be best to remember that hair never has a straight ring in it. It’s usually an imaginary ring around the head with a rounded top.


You can use any of these techniques to draw highlights on any subject, including anime. While they’re not true spotlights, they are still relatively easy to remove and will vary in difficulty depending on the type of hair and medium you’re using. By practicing on a small scale, you’ll find that your highlights will appear more natural and more realistic as you progress. But remember: it’s not a good idea to copy what you see. It’s better to learn how to highlight hair correctly to make your drawing look as realistic as possible.


To highlight hair accurately, you need to learn how to draw a character’s hair differently.

An excellent way to do this is to observe where light comes from and how bright it is. Using a burnished approach will add blue and orange tones to the hair. You can also make highlights look erratic by changing the direction and size of the strokes in your sketch. It would help if you practiced with different approaches until you’re happy with the result.

Happy little baby artist drawing with colorful paints at home

Happy little baby artist drawing with colorful paints at home

Primary Hair

A primary hair highlight is easy to draw. Just use two lines to indicate the top and bottom of the hair. Then use the same color for both the top and the bottom of the hair. A gradient highlight will have blurred edges and a smooth transition. A gradient highlight will be more complicated but can be quite beautiful if you practice carefully. It’s essential to be aware of the light source when you’re drawing highlights so that the results are as realistic as possible.


Spiky Hair

Spiky hair can be difficult to shade. Because there is no ball shape on the hair’s surface, you’ll need to use a ring of light and shadow. This ring will highlight the highlights of the hair and make it look more realistic. You can also use a circle of light and shadows to highlight hair. However, you should pay attention to the direction in which the light hits the hair and its texture.


If you’re trying to highlight hair with a pencil, you should focus on the light source. Think about where the light source is coming from. Is it bright? What color is it? And how much of it is there? It would be best if you considered it when shading the hair. It can be challenging to make this kind of shading, but it’s easy if you know how to use a light source. If you’re using a light source, you can add a few strands here and there.


It is important to remember that highlights are not spotlighted when you highlight your hair. They appear as a ring on the head, slightly on top. Ensure that the highlights look random. A round of light will create a more attractive image. It is also a good idea to use a light-colored pen. Creating a ring of shadows can add a lot to your drawing.

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