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Everything You Need to Know About Using Jade Roll

If you are looking to reduce puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, learning how to jade roller on neck and face can help. How and when to use jade roller in skin care routine is essential to make your skin look young and healthy. The best time when to use a jade roller is during your nighttime skincare routine but you can also use it during the day when you have the time.


How To Jade Roll Your Face?

First, you need to clean your face and apply a serum. Ensure the serum contains hyaluronic acid, which holds 1,000 times its weight in water. Then, you can use a hydrating sheet mask on top of the jade roller. It will take a few minutes to complete the entire face.


Next, you can roll your face with the jade roller. Then, you can apply medium pressure to the small end of the jade roller and glide it along your skin. You should repeat this step about three to four times on the same patch of skin. Finally, you can also use the jade roller on the under-eye area. You should use a medium-pressured jade roller on the inner corner of your eye and move across the forehead.


Once you’ve learned how to use jade roll on your face, you can move on to the more significant part of the face. You can use the large end to massage the inner corner of your eye and then move up to the chin. Continue to work your way up to the temples. Using the small end, you can move to the top of your forehead. Then, you can do the same with your upper lip.


The next step is to apply the roller to the cheeks and forehead. Please start at the chin and roll it out horizontally. Use medium pressure from the inner corner of your eye and move down towards the hairline. Lastly, roll the jade roller to the outer corner of your eye. When you have finished, you can pick up the jade roller and place it back at the start. Then, repeat the process.


How to Properly Use Jade Roller Under Eyes

Using a jade roller, you should start on the bottom of your face and roll it up and down. Then, move to the middle and lower parts of the face, using the smaller end of the jade roller. After finishing the cheeks, you can roll the jade roller along the side of your nose. After applying the gel, you can begin moving your face under the eyes. Place the smaller stone between your eyebrows.


When rolling your face with a jade roller, you should place the roller at the center of your forehead. Then, move outward, using light pressure. Then, roll outward and downward until you reach the outer edge of your face. The jade roller should feel a warm sensation when the skin is smooth. If you have a dry face, you can use a jade face mask or a cream for facial cleansing.


Then, it would be best if you rolled the jade roller along the sides of your nose. Then, use the small end of the jade roller to move the corner of your nose. Then, you can roll outwards and downwards across the top of your face. You should continue the procedure until you have treated your entire face. Using the jade roller can eliminate dark circles and improve your skin’s appearance.



As you move up the face with a jade roller, make sure to use the small end of the roller to place it on the inner corner of your eye. Using light pressure, you should roll the jade roller from your chin toward your temples. You can even use it on the outside of your face for a more even complexion. It would help if you never used too much pressure on your face. The key is to make sure you are comfortable using it correctly.


Start by placing the jade roller on the bottom of your face. Then, roll it upwards and outwards until you reach the temple. You should use the smaller stone to roll the inside corner of your eye. From there, continue rolling the jade roller to your hairline. Follow these steps for the best results. Now, it is time to start jade rolling your face. Now, you’ll have smoother and brighter skin.


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