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To create a delicious lemon peel twist, you’ll need a thin strip of peel. A paring knife will work fine, but a vegetable peeler might be a more kosher alternative. Cut the lemon peel with a spiral motion and even pressure. Once you’ve removed the thin strip, turn the fruit over and twist the resulting strands of lemon zest to form a twisted garnish.


The Spiral Twist

You’ll need a lemon zester and a channel knife to make a spiral twist. First, carefully roll the lemon peel in a spiral pattern around the lemon, removing the pith and remaining zest. Next, cut the peel into long strips. You’ll need a skewer at least four inches long to make a long slender strip. Once you’ve twisted the lemon, add a slice to your cocktail or other drink to serve.

Boozy Refreshing Rye Whiskey Sazerac Cocktail with a Lemon Garnish

Boozy Refreshing Rye Whiskey Sazerac Cocktail with a Lemon Garnish

The First Step

The first step in making a lemon peel twist is peeling the lemon. Start by separating the inner fruit from the peel with a paring knife. Gently turn the lemon over, and slice the peel into strips. The strips should be about four inches long. Wrap the slices onto a skewer to serve. After the peel has been cut, store the twist in an airtight container for up to five days.

  1. The second step is peeling the citrus. To make a lemon peel twist:
  2. Cut off the bottom of the fruit and slice the orange or lemon rind into a thin oval.
  3. Remember to peel away as much white pith as possible since the white pith is bitter.
  4. Once the orange or lime peels are peeled, cut them into a thin strip approximately four inches long.
  5. Drop the strips into your cocktail.


To make a lemon peel twist, hold the lemon in one hand and use a peeler or knife to cut the peel. Then, slice each strip of skin into thin strips and allow each strip to cool for a few minutes. The peels will be ready to eat in three to five days. And remember that lemon curls are tasty, but they look great, too. Whether you want to enjoy them right away or save them for later, you’ll be glad you did.


Using a lemon peeler, trim the lemon’s ends. Then, cut the peel into strips as you turn the lemon. You can use the knife to cut the peel into strips up to four inches long. Ensure that the strips are at least four inches long. Meanwhile, a channeling knife has a V-shaped blade and makes it easy to create a spiral. This is the easiest way to make a lemon zest twist, but it’s still best to do it by hand.


Once the lemon peel is ready, slice the peel lengthwise with a sharp knife. You’ll need to remove all the pith from the lemon, which can be very bitter. Then, roll the lemon peel tightly. If you’re feeling adventurous, try twisting the peels of oranges or limes. You’ll be glad you did. Now you can enjoy delicious lemon curls! Just take a moment to make a lemon peel twist with a little bit of your favorite citrus fruit.


Before twirling your lemon peel, you’ll need to remove the pith and peel. You can use a skewer to twist the peel, depending on your preferred length. Once you’ve removed the pith and zest, you’ll need to twist the lemon over the drink to release the oils. To make a lemon peel twist, you’ll need a sharp knife and a skewer.


After cutting the lemon peel, you’ll need to twist the lemon in a spiraling motion with a skewer. Then, cut the peel into strips of the desired length. The lemon peel can be about an inch long, depending on the size. To make the twist, you’ll need a channel knife. Alternatively, you can use a sharp knife to make a spiral.

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