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A Guide to How to Make Homemade Root Beer With Yeast


Making homemade root beer with yeast is fun and tasty! The result is a delicious beverage that you can tailor to your tastes. Start by boiling half a cup of water. Cool to 80 degrees and stir in the yeast. After completely dissolved, please place it in a cooler with ice to ensure it has plenty of time to bloom. After the fermentation process is complete, the bottle should be stored for 48 hours before serving.


Next, add the sugar and the root beer extract to another half-quart of warm water. Allow the yeast to sit for five minutes. Then, add the sugar mixture and mix well. Pour the resulting mixture into jars and leave to sit in a dark place for three days. If you cannot find dry ice, you can use less water. Do not decrease the yeast amount. If the flavor does not change, it is done.


After the sugar and the root beer extract have cooled, pour the mixture into a glass drink cooler and leave it for one day. You can then add the vanilla extract and molasses. Store the bottle in a warm place. Then, enjoy your homemade root beer! You can even make your fizzy kombucha. The possibilities are endless. Soak in the goodness of homemade root beer with yeast!


The original recipe calls for the addition of sassafras root and sarsaparilla bark to create an excellent beverage.

If you cannot find these ingredients, use birch bark instead. It will give the drink a sweeter taste than commercial root beers. It is also important to add enough molasses to the glass to flavor it. If you want to add more sweetness, you can mix four pounds of sugar and molasses into the recipe.


Yeast can be added to your homemade root beer by adding a teaspoon of sugar to the water. The water and honey mixture should be warm enough to dissolve the honey but not too hot to kill the yeast. Once the mix is ready, strain it over a cheesecloth and leave it for about four days before storing it in the fridge. Then, the beer will be glad to drink. Once it has been strained, it can be stored at room temperature or kept in a cool place in the refrigerator.

Don't make a mess with a full mug of beer.

Don’t make a mess with a full mug of beer.

Yeast root beer should be sweeter than traditional root beer.

The mixture should be free of yeast and should not taste yeasty. It is possible to adjust the flavors, sweeteners, and timings as long as you follow the instructions. If you choose to drink this drink with alcohol, it should be less sweet than commercially available versions. If you want it a bit sweeter, you can add four pounds of sugar to the recipe.


After the root beer with yeast is fermented, add sugar and 3 1/2 quarts of room temperature water. Then, pour the mixture into bottles with an inch of headspace and leave it in the fridge for about four days. Then, serve your root beer! There is nothing better than making your homemade root brew! It’s a fun and delicious way to spend an afternoon or evening with your kids!


Homemade root beer with yeast is a delicious treat that you can make at home. The process is simple, and you can try various flavors to make it more enjoyable. You can also save money and time by brewing beer with just a few ingredients. And if you don’t like the taste of commercial root beers, you can try a non-alcoholic version of the popular drink. Non-alcoholic root beer with yeast recipe is ideal for a family that enjoys this type of beverage.


The best way to make a homemade root beer with yeast is to use a jar with a wide mouth. It makes it easier to pour than a store-bought root beer. The flavor you get from homemade root beer will be much more intense than what you buy in the store. A few drops of sugar, a half cup of molasses, and a pinch of salt are all that are needed for a healthy homemade root beer.

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