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If you’ve ever wondered what’s the best tequila in the world, you’re not alone. There’s a new tequila brand sweeping the globe right now! It’s called El Tesoro, and it recently won the International Spirits Competition. Owned by Carlos Camarena, this family distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, uses Cognac casks to age its spirits while retaining the natural agave flavor.

What Is the Best Tequila in the World

Mexico produces the best tequila anywhere in the world.

This country used to make the finest tequila, but the United States has replaced it. Each week, a celebrity-backed brand is also launched. Although many of these brands are forgettable, some are genuinely world-class. Here are the top tequila brands that have made it big in the industry.


Extra Anejo: This brand’s first vintage is a decade old, and it’s rich, vegetal, and made from 100% agave. This tequila is aged in ex-American Whiskey barrels for one year. Casa Noble: One of the world’s most highly regarded tequila brands, Casa Noble is organically certified and releases unique single-barrel offerings. It is known for its consistently flavourful tequila.


Reposado: This tequila is a rich, smooth, golden spirit similar to fine wine. Its flavor is full of fruit with a balance of acidity and oak. Its taste and aromas are described as complex delicate, and as a well-rounded, smooth tequila with a classic flavor.


5 Varieties of Tequila

When choosing tequila, there are five different varieties: Blanco, extra Anejo, and reposado. The top tequila is the most expensive, but many other great options are still available. It’s essential to choose the right type of tequila for your tastes. The best tequila in the world will make your guests happy and your wallet.


Top Tequila Brands

There are many different brands of tequila. The most famous is Patron, made from 100 percent Blue Weber agave and aged in French and American oak casks. The extra Anejo is for sipping. Its rich flavor is similar to that of cognac or whisky. It is also a good option for special occasions. If you’re looking for the best tequila globally, then look no further.


Don Julio 1942 is the best tequila in this world.

It is expensive and aged for two and a half years in American white oak barrels. It’s no wonder that it’s popular with celebrities like the Kardashians. Clase Azul is another excellent choice. It’s renowned for its beautiful bottles. Unlike most other tequilas, this brand is aged in oak barrels for eight months.


While Ocho Anejo and Casa Noble are the best tequilas globally, you can also buy them at your local liquor store. They’re both excellent and very reliable. But which is the best? Here are three options that you may like to try. You’ll find what you’re looking for. And remember, there are many more tequilas to try!


Tanteo Tequila is a crystal clear tequila with a complex flavor profile. Its citrus and floral notes make it the best tequila for cocktails. Tanteo’s tequilas also have an aqueous flavor. They are made with agave plants from the highlands of Mexico. You must source reliable ingredients to make the best tequila.


Fortaleza is another brand that makes some of the best tequila worldwide. The company’s 92-proof Fortaleza still is the best in the world. Its agave is brick oven-roasted and stone-crushed. Its palate is pepper-filled and contains notes of black pepper, cinnamon, and brown spices. Only the best methods are used to distill the agave in Corralejo, Mexico.

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