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In what order should you do your skincare and how to layer skin care products correctly? Should there be a difference between a daytime and nighttime skincare routine? Is there a proper oily skin care routine order of products?


Generally speaking, you should start with the lightest product and work your way up to the thickest. It is to avoid wasting any of your products by layering them. Apply moisturizer before sunscreen, and then sunscreen. You may also want to add a toner if you have oily skin. After moisturizing, you can layer other products, such as makeup.


What Order Should You Do With Your Skincare?

The order in which you do your skincare is essential. If you do it incorrectly, you will not get the full benefits of the products you use. The best time to start is in the evening and before applying sunscreen. If you are doing your skincare in the morning, wait until nighttime before applying makeup. It will allow you to continue your beauty routines, such as brushing your hair and teeth.

After deciding on the order of the products, you should apply a moisturizer, sunscreen, and eye cream. These products must be used in the order indicated on the product label. Ideally, you should apply these products in the order prescribed by your dermatologist. Using moisturizer first will prevent the formation of fine lines and dark circles. An excellent nighttime moisturizing cream should include ingredients that protect against free radicals and environmental pollution.


If You Have Sensitive Skin, You Should Start With The Toner First

After you cleanse, you can use a gentle exfoliating facial scrub. In the evening, you should layer your moisturizer and eye cream. The last step is the moisturizer. You should layer the moisturizing products on top of your toner. This way, you will be ensuring that the products will penetrate your skin without irritating it.


After Applying A Hydrating Cream, Use The Ahas Then The Eye Cream

The serum and eye cream should follow your facial cleanser. Afterward, you should finish with the eye lotion. You should avoid using an SPF. If you use AHAs during the night, you should moisturize. After the serums and oil, you should finish your nighttime skincare with an SPF.


The Next Step In Your Skincare Routine Is Toner

After cleansing, it is best to apply a toner. Applying an SPF toner after cleansing is crucial. Before you use any other skincare products, it is important to apply an SPF. If you have oily skin, you should use an SPF before starting the toner. It would be best if you also considered your moisturizer. 

Generally, it would help if you did your skincare routine in a particular order. You can do your makeup and apply your makeup first, but you should not do your skincare steps first. Your moisturizer should be the last step. The serum should be applied after the moisturizer. If you have sensitive skin, you should use SPF-free makeup. Lastly, you should avoid using any SPF-based products. These products are essential to the skin and should be applied after you’ve finished your cleaning.


If Unsure, Follow The Most Basic Skincare Routine

While you should not skip steps, it’s better to follow the most basic 3 step skin care routine instead. The order of your skincare is essential. In the morning, you should apply SPF-free products. Then, you should apply your serum. You can use SPF-free products after your moisturizer to dry skin.

Those with oily skin need to remove makeup first before putting on skin-based products. After cleansing, you should apply sunscreen. You should then follow up with a moisturizer. You should use it on the face after your foundation for dry skin. Then, it would help if you did your makeup. If your skin is oily, you should wash your face with a water-based product.


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