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Why add coconut oil to beeswaX candles? Adding coconut oil to beeswax can make these candles smell great and last longer. It can also help the candles burn evenly and prevent tunneling. The best way to add essential oils to beeswax candles is to blend a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The oils will not mix with heat, so you can use them in small amounts. Once you have the right amount, pour it into mason jars and let them cool.


Another Technique to Increase the Candle’s Burning Quality Is to Mix It With Coconut Oil

While beeswax is naturally low-melting, the addition of coconut oil to beeswax is a great way to improve the burning quality of the candle. It won’t lower the melting point of the candle, but it will give it a smoother finish and a more refined burn. However, be aware that coconut oil doesn’t burn as well as beeswax, making it less suitable for shipping outside winter.


Coconut oil will help the beeswax burn more evenly, preventing tunneling and ensuring a long-lasting candle. It is an excellent choice for beeswax candles. You can use any combination of these ingredients for your beeswax candle. You can even add essential oils to beeswax if you prefer. Infusing the wax with the essential oils will ensure a longer-lasting and scented candle.


Before Adding Coconut Oil to Your Beeswax Candles, Make Sure the Wax Is Melted

You should make sure the wax in your beeswax candles is melted before adding coconut oil. It will make them burn longer and prevent tunneling, a common problem when beeswax burns unevenly. Adding coconut oil will also help your candles avoid tunneling. Using more coconut oil will ensure that your beeswax candles are consistently scented.


When making beeswax candles, the wax needs to be melted. The coconut oil will help the candles burn more evenly. It also helps to avoid tunneling. It will also help prevent cracking in the jar. As long as the wax is melted, the coconut oil will be added to beeswax. It is essential to use high-quality unrefined coconut oil for beeswax candles.


Coconut Oil Prevents Tunneling

Adding coconut oil to beeswax is not a bad idea. It will keep beeswax candles from tunneling and help prevent the need for the tunnel. When it comes to the scent of your beeswax candles, you can use any essential oil that you like. The more you add, the better. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose to add more or less.


However, Adding Coconut Oil Shortens the Lifespan of Your Beeswax 

If you’d like to use a glass jar to store your beeswax candles, you can use one without a glass jar. Adding coconut oil to beeswax will make them burn more evenly and prevent tunneling. The only downside is that the wax will be slightly more complicated so they may have a shorter lifespan. Then, there is always the risk of tunneling.



You can also use a vybar to improve the scent throw of beeswax candles. It will help the candles burn more evenly and avoid tunneling. Another benefit of adding coconut oil to beeswax is making the candle last longer. By adding coconut oil to beeswax, you will increase the fragrance and volume of your beeswax candle.


Coconut Oil Is an Ideal Choice for Beeswax Candles

It is an excellent option for making a beeswax candle that does not contain glass jars. The added oil will not alter the melting point of beeswax, but it will give it a smoother burn. Pure coconut wax has a low melting point, so it is not the best choice for shipping in the winter.


It Also Adds Flavor To Your Candle!

Adding coconut oil to beeswax will extend the life of the candle. It will also add flavor to the candle. It is crucial to keep in mind that beeswax is very hot and can cause it to break down too quickly. A softer oil can lower the melting point and make the candle last longer. In addition to being more effective, coconut oil can be used as a base for lip balm or solid perfume.

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