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The answer to the question, “How long does beer last in a kegerator?” is longer than you might think. The answer is largely dependent on the type of beer you are storing. The answer to this question will depend on how much oxygen is inhaled by the keg. Brewers recommend using a cooled keg since beer will age better at lower temperatures.


It Depends On Your Storage Type

While you can store draft beer in a kegerator for months, the freshness will depend on your storage type. Pasteurized beer can last from three to six months with the correct temperatures. Unpasteurized beer will only keep for about two to four weeks, but it’s worth checking. It’s important to remember that kegs should always be unplugged whenever you leave home.


It Can Last For Six to Eight Weeks

The average shelf life of a keg is about six to eight weeks. While this may not seem like a lot, it can make a big difference in the quality of your beer. Most kegs are designed to preserve the beer’s freshness, so they are so helpful for parties. The brewing process allows the beer to remain fresh for as long as possible.


It Also Depends on the Type of Beer

The length of time a keg can stay fresh in a kegerator varies depending on the type of beer. A keg can retain its freshness for up to four months. It is best to check the label to ensure the beer is pasteurized. Then, it will be safe to keep it in a kegerator for several months. This way, you can enjoy your favorite drink anytime.


The shelf life of a keg depends on the type of beer. Pasteurized beer will keep the beer fresh for three to six months, and it can last for up to a year or more if it isn’t. Its shelf life is mainly dependent on the type of keg. The keg will not last more than two months if it isn’t pasteurized.

Bartender pureeing beer from a tap

Bartender pureeing beer from a tap

It Can Be Kept For Months and Even Years!

Beer that has been kegged should be kept fresh for months to many years. The exact duration of freshness depends on the type of beer. Non-pasteurized beer will typically keep for about three months, but you can expect it to last for six months if stored correctly. In addition to the length of freshness, it’s important to note that a keg’s freshness will be affected if it’s not pasteurized.


Once tapped, beer can last anywhere from months to years. The exact number will vary based on the type of beer and the efficiency of the kegerator. A keg can last three to six months, depending on its carbonation level and temperature settings. Choosing a keg that is bigger than you need to ensure it is the correct size. It will ensure that the keg will retain its freshness and the resulting flavor.


Depending on the type of beer you store, a kegerator can keep a keg fresh for months. The length of time that beer is stored in a kegerator will depend on the temperature and carbonation levels of the beer. Generally, pasteurized beer can last between three to six months. On the other hand, a non-pasteurized kegerator can last just two or three weeks.


Maintain The Correct Pressure

Generally, kegs can keep beer fresh for months. Depending on the type, carbonation level, and temperature settings, a keg can last for months or even years. The key to keeping a beer fresh is to maintain the correct pressure. Your kegerator can maintain a consistent temperature for months by maintaining the correct pressure. And if you’re using the keg to store wine, you can be sure that the alcohol level is not too high.


You Can Also Call The Beer Company To Make Sure

The best way to determine how long beer can last in a kegerator is to call the company that sells it. Generally, a keg can keep beer fresh for up to a month. Beer pasteurized can last up to six months. While this is still a lot longer than a regular fridge, it’s still better than storing a beer in your refrigerator for just a few months.

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