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Let’s Be Honest: How Much Do Cartoonists Get Paid? 


How Much Do Cartoonists Get Paid? 101: The Essential Guide


Many people are interested in finding out how much cartoonists get paid. While this question is not simple, there are a few ways to make money as a cartoonist. Syndicated artists, for example, can command salaries of $30 to $50 per hour. The salary for an artist who’s syndicated can also be relatively high. This income is usually more than the bare subsistence level of the government.


The salary for a staff cartoonist at a prominent metropolitan newspaper can be up to $38,000 per year. Yet, these salaries are not enough to support the lifestyle of most professional cartoonists. While most people have seen comic strips, few make the kind of money that professional cartoonists do. Syndicated cartoons can reach millions of homes, but most aren’t paid anywhere near that amount. Some of the most successful artists make more than seven figures per year.


You can also syndicate your cartoons to make more money as a cartoonist. Syndicated publishers pay more than freelancers because their audience is more significant. A daily paper with a circulation of 200,000 in a central metropolitan area will pay a higher rate than a small-town newspaper with a circulation of just ten thousand. Moreover, smaller publications typically have fewer budgets to pay for syndicated content, so they must pay cartoonists less per strip.


Cartoonists can earn anywhere from $35 to $150 per strip

Yet, many publishers prefer cartoonists with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, painting, or animation. It means that a small-town daily newspaper with a circulation of only a tenth of that of a major metropolitan newspaper will pay a lower rate. Using a syndicate can also improve the earnings potential of a cartoonist.


Syndicated cartoons are the most popular type of cartoons. While they may not be as highly paid as freelancers, they can still earn a lot of money. As a cartoonist, you will be paid $38,000 per year, which is excellent considering the demand for good cartoons in the market. However, it is essential to understand that the pay for such a job is dependent on several factors, the most important of which is the size of the publication.

Cartoon 3d green little forest mountain and sun cloudy beautiful sunshine

Cartoon 3d green little forest mountain and sun cloudy beautiful sunshine day in paper cut pastel style stage layout with podium pedestal.

Syndicated cartoonists make more money than freelancers

Syndicated cartoonists can command higher salaries for their work, but their wages are not always consistent. A smaller newspaper will be paid a much lower wage if it has a lower readership. Independent artists do not have a fixed salary. The type of publication and the location will determine the average annual income. Generally, the most successful and prolific Cartoonists earn between $40k and $100k.


While there are several ways to make money as a cartoonist, the most significant factor is the size of the publication. The larger the magazine, the more money you will earn. Syndicated artists make more than freelancers. However, the median wage for a cartoonist is $45,000. The next most significant factor is location. If you live in a large city, you will probably have a more excellent opportunity to find a job in a larger one.


Also to their work, cartoonists can make extra money by licensing their cartoons. There are many ways to make money as a cartoonist. Syndicated artists usually work as full-time staffers in a newspaper. They sell individual art strips as part of a syndication agreement. While most of the money comes from advertising, the best way to make money as a cartoonist is to find a job with a good company.


In addition to their salary, a cartoonist can earn up to $40,000. If you’re considering working in this industry, it’s essential to understand the differences between freelance work and syndicated work. According to ZipRecruiter, a comic artist’s average salary will vary from $2,450 to $4,319 a month. If you’re looking to become a cartoonist, it’s a good idea to start your career by gaining experience.

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