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If you have a broken foot, you’ve probably wondered how to lose weight with a broken foot. It isn’t impossible – a simple one-hour walk will burn up to 250 calories. You can also start a strength-training routine by doing pushups and crunches.

How to Lose Weight With a Broken Foot: Strat With These Simple Steps

While you use a wheelchair, it’s still possible to get plenty of exercises.

Consult Your Doctor 

If you’re considering a physical therapy program, you should consult with your doctor about what exercises to do while you’re recovering. Ankle rotations are a great way to improve your mobility. You can sit with your leg straight and bend your ankle at the same time. This exercise will improve your range of motion and help you lose weight without stressing your foot. Performing this exercise regularly will help you maintain your energy levels and stay on track with your weight loss plan.


While recovering from a broken foot, you can still perform some exercises. Your physical therapist can advise you on the proper exercises while on crutches. If you’re able to do a few ankle rotations a day, you’ll be able to lose a few pounds. However, your doctor will have to check your foot to make sure you’re losing weight.


Ankle Rotations 

Your physical therapist can recommend exercises that will help you maintain mobility. Ankle rotations can help you maintain mobility in your foot. These are performed while sitting with your leg extended. After five seconds, bend the leg to the side and back again. Small, rehabilitative exercises will boost your energy levels and keep you motivated. It’s even easier to stick to your weight loss plan when you have limited mobility.

How to Lose Weight With a Broken Foot

How to Lose Weight With a Broken Foot


Ankle rotations can also help you maintain mobility in your leg. These exercises should be done while you are sitting with your leg extended. Hold each of your ankles for five seconds before rotating back and forth. Depending on the severity of your broken foot, you should also avoid high-impact activities like running and jumping. If you have a broken foot, you may not have any problems exercising.



You can keep up your fitness routine while injured. Although it may be difficult to do high reps, you can do a few simple stretches to help heal your foot. Your physical therapist can also help you choose exercises to improve your mobility. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting any new workout routine – don’t rush things! While you cannot run, you can walk, jog, and do any other exercises.


You Can Also Use a Ring to Move Your Ankle 

A broken foot might be the answer if you’re looking for exercises to burn fat while on crutches. Using a ring or other device to make the ankle move is an effective way to increase mobility. If you cannot do these exercises due to the broken foot, you can consult your physical therapist about exercises that will help you recover. In addition to a ring, a physiotherapist can recommend different stretches and workouts.


In addition to your workouts, you can do ankle rotations to maintain mobility in your leg. You should consult with a physical therapist to determine the best exercises. Ankle rotations can be done by sitting and extending your leg, and you should hold each rotation for five seconds. Afterward, it would be best to bend your ankle back and forth once. You can do this exercise several times a day.


Ankle rotations are another exercise that can help you lose weight with a broken foot. They’re an excellent way to maintain mobility in your leg. They can also help you lose weight quickly. Your doctor will prescribe you the right exercises for your specific condition. Once you’ve done these, you can continue your activities at home. It will give you more energy and keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

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